Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.
— Prince

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Holistic Lifestyle Coaching*

Six month program, $275 per month OR $1,500 for six months. *Most purchased

ho·lis·tic - hōˈlistik/ adjective - characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.

  • I'll look at you as a whole... not just what you eat but your stress, your sleep, your digestion, your emotions, all of it.

  • Customized plan starting with the steps that will have the biggest impact on your overall health and wellness.

  • One, FaceTime or Zoom session per week to keep propelling you into a better, happier, and healthier lifestyle.

  • Unlimited Email & Text Support to stay moving forward and supported.

  • Tools: equipping you with the tools you need to get down to the root causes and heal yourself from the inside out.

You'll learn how to:

  • change your relationship with yourself and those around you.

  • change your thoughts and emotional reactions.

  • live with mindfulness

  • find your voice

  • close the running tabs that are draining all of your energy

  • increase your rebound rate

  • experience the 'there's more' to your life.

The fact is, sometimes you need a listening ear, an open heart, a helping hand... and I'm your girl.

I was recently asked how I just decided to surrender expectations of the world and those around me. How did I decide to let go of the control that was a huge part of my “I can do anything” identity.

Melissa allowed me space to open the door on my own, and all I had to do was walk through. I already had all the answers.

Something that happens when you decide to stop feeling guilt of any kind and rewire your expectations - you wake up to appreciation of what you have. I may wear clothes I “shouldn’t” or draw attention to myself with makeup and my loud presence, but I have a body. God gave it to me. The universe knows what I need and all I have to do is let it come to me.
— Katie H.

Short Term Coaching

Six Week Program, 2 payments of $325 OR 1 payment of $600

Needing support during a huge transition in life, to make a huge transition in life, or just feel like you are going under? This is for you!

  • Includes one to two sessions via FaceTime per week depending on personal wants/needs.

  • Unlimited Email & Text Support to stay moving forward and supported.

  • Tools: equipping you with the tools you need to feel supported and empowered.

Personal Training

$25/session when bought in packages of 8 ($200 for 2/week) or 12 ($300 for 3/week)

You want a personal trainer without the $100 price tag? I'm your girl.

This is personal training in a supported, empowering, private environment.

*Free of guilt/shame tactics..

  • 45 minute sessions - quick and effective workouts

  • M,W,F 6AM Sessions Currently Available


Single Coaching Session

$75, single session via FaceTime

Consider this an ‘aha’ call.

  • a supporting ear

  • mindful perspective

  • fill up your cup

  • get down to the root

Private Yoga Therapy & Bodywork


It like yoga… and therapy.

Beautiful, private, empowering setting.

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