You + Me + Community = Lifestyle Change

I'm going to meet you where you are.

What does that mean?

It means it doesn't matter what clothes you're wearing, what brand of shoes you have, if you're hair is fixed, or if you look like you fit in at the most popular gym in town. 

We're not here for them... we're here for YOU. 

You're not in this alone. Becoming an expert in the app is accomplished with not just me by your side but the You First community. 

Welcome, we've been waiting to meet you.

You First Membership

  • Customized workouts that meet you where you are, in time, place, and ability.
  • Timed circuits, workout more efficiently.
  • Delivered straight to your app (Workouts also available from the website and to print).
  • Plateau proof
  • Never repeat the same workout
  • You First's Recipe Library
  • Daily access to Melissa & The You First Community through in-app messaging.
  • Activities that will help you become your best self: physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  • BONUSES: Monthly live classes, lessons delivered straight to your mailbox, and keeping you up to date on what's happening in the health world! 
  • *%10 Discount to all retreats, workshops, or programs offered by Melissa
At 33, I knew it was time to get serious about taking care of myself. I had avoided it for far too long and to be honest, the first few months, I avoided the workouts and eating more thoughtfully. After my extended case of denial, I used the program and am a firm believer in the product. The most interesting part for me is that Melissa and I don’t live in the same state, and yet, she is still a constant source of support throughout my week. She checks in on me, answers ALL of my questions promptly and sets me straight when I need it most.
— Emily C.
The You First Fitness App is a total game changer for my workout. I typically get bored with workout routines: they are either too long or too repetitive. At less than 30 minutes per workout and three new workouts per week the app is quick and effective and never boring. I honestly cannot praise You First enough and highly recommend it to anyone looking for an effective, always accessible way to get in shape.
— Tia V.
Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would want a fitness mat or buy a little red dress. Thank you so much for pushing me to do this. My day to day choices are so much better.
— Tammy C.