Riversong Spa - Bridgeport, WV

One of my greatest lessons in leadership came while taking a yoga class. I was in my first Bikram Yoga class and the instructor cued a transition wrong. She said right hand, left leg instead of left hand, right leg or something like that. Here's where most of us would apologize, and send that message to ourselves again, you know the one: "you're not enough"; but this instructor on this day won my heart, forever. After a little giggle she said "EXCUSE ME FOR LIVING".

I'm telling you what, the second she giggled and said 'excuse me for living', the energy of the room lifted even higher and we all took a sigh of relief. None of us were perfect, but we were all enough.

It is this kind of self empowerment that will fill your classes with people, love, and light. 

At the empower youga workshop we'll work together through open discussion, activities, and, you guessed it, yoga! 

What you'll get: 

  • Lunch!
  • Empowerment (of course!)
  • Empowering language for you and your participants
  • Tools to fill your classes, find new students, and improve class retention with ease
  • Find your niche, your calling, your special touch!
  • Celebration with fellow instructors and wellness leaders to build our beautiful yoga, health and wellness community!