Unlimited workouts

Go to the gym and have no idea where to start? Tired of the same old workout, DVD, or routines? Hit a plateau? Slugging it out on the treadmill or elliptical to no avail? Tired of signing contracts, paying dues, and NOT getting your money's worth? THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU! This gives you customized workouts based off of your goals and capabilities and delivers them straight to your smartphone! The You First app makes workouts accessible on-the-go and easy to follow! No smartphone? No problem! Workouts are also available to print! You'll gain access to the You First Members only group for your own personal outlet, accountability and daily access to Melissa.

workout + nutrition

Have you done the diets, lost the weight and gained it back? Are you ready to be healthy AND happy? Tired of being hungry? Ready to find a workout plan that fits into YOUR life and schedule? If you are ready to give up yo-yo dieting and the next quick fix workout, THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU! It's our basic package + access to your greatest asset on your path to health: how to break free from dieting as well as our recipe library. As an added accountability bonus you'll have email access to Melissa, weekly! It takes one more component of fitness off your mind and into your hands. 


The You First Project is a personalized six week one-on-one coaching experience. Together we will DIG DEEP and get rid of your roadblocks ONCE AND FOR ALL.  This project will give you the tools you need to live better, happier and healthier. You'll receive access to all You First has to offer (the workouts, the nutrition, the recipe library) as well all the support you need. We begin with a 60-90 minute DIG DEEP call; we'll spend the next six weeks with two, 30 minute calls per week and unlimited email access designed to keep us on track and moving forward. If you are ready to live better, happier and healthier schedule your FREE call NOW to see if this project is the right fit for you!

Payment plans for The You First Project may be arranged; contact Melissa via email at melissa@youfirst.fitness or phone 304-518-BODY