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The Joy I Found Vacuuming

I smiled today the entire time I was vacuuming my house. I had been putting it off and I slightly grumbled when I went to do it. In fact, I had bargained with myself: if I vacuum then I can sit down and watch the Netflix documentary I had been wanting to watch. As I started vacuuming I remembered something that a beautiful soul once shared with me; she was working in her kitchen and I asked her if there was something I could do to help and she told me the only thing left for her to do was to sweep. She explained to me that she loves to sweep everyday because she just wants to touch her home. It was such a beautiful thought to me, so I decided to give it a try. 

As I started vacuuming and thinking of this wonderful woman and my home, I couldn't help but smile. The smile began a trickle down effect. I don't know if it tricked my brain into thinking I was happy to vacuum but after a few minutes I even found myself touching some of the walls as I went. I even found myself talking to my home - saying things like "thank you", and "you're such a good house." I went through the whole house opening up the blinds and letting some light in. I realized that at this point I was really in tune with myself and my home. I was being mindful. I could tell which rooms needed some sun light and which rooms needed some fresh air. 



This entire interaction, as silly as it may sound, was really profound. It really got me thinking: aren't we all (things and people) just energy? We spend all day, all of our lives really, giving and receiving energy. And as I sat down I realized that my house was not spotless, the floors still needed mopped, things still needed put away, and the list goes on... but I felt better about my home in that moment than I ever had in the countless moments that I got it "spotless".  I wholeheartedly believe that is because of the energy I put into it. The happy and grateful energy that I was giving my home was the same happy and grateful energy that it returned back to me. 

It may seem this whole interaction seems silly - but I challenge you to give it a try. The next time you're washing your dishes, smile; practice mindfulness and gratitude and see what happens. What have you got to lose? Regardless of what one might think, there is one thing I know for certain - the proof is in the feeling. 



Sweat & Smiles,