I have started and stopped writing this blog upwards of twenty times over the last few months. In fact, when I opened my computer for the first time today it was already on the blank “edit post” page.

I took a break from certain parts of my business, for a couple months the only thing I worked on was myself; which is essentially my work considering that a lot of my curriculum is my life. I kept working and reworking what my mission is, who my target audience is, what my title is, what my “elevator pitch” is. If you are or have ever been an entrepreneur you know how painful this process has the potential to be. The problem wasn’t that I couldn’t come up with anything, the problem was that none of it fit in those nice, neat little boxes and it sure couldn’t be explained in a sixty second elevator pitch.

The mission and heart behind the last decade of my business and personal life has been to grow and evolve and that is what I intend to keep doing. Redefining myself has been an integral part of my health journey. From the nothing-bothers-me-hardass-party-girl to the fit girl, to the mother, to the anti-fitness industry fitness industry, to the healer. The one thing that always remained the same was my inability to fit neatly into a box. So while I won’t be giving you an elevator pitch here are 5 things I can promise from me and my business.


Glennon Doyle is one of my favorite people (though we’ve not met each other YET). In her book Love Warrior she talks about what this means and the fact that “we all have the wrong job description of love. People who are hurting don’t need Avoiders, Protectors, or Fixers. What we need are patient, loving witnesses.”

I do not believe I have all of your answers; I do believe that you and I have all of the answers for ourselves and that those answers lie within our intuition. The only advantage I may have is the time and practice I’ve put in to lowering the voices of the “shoulds” and “supposed tos” and turning the volume up on my own intuition. My gift is in my own trust and belief in you and I, the life and educational curriculum I’ve had, and the questions I ask to help you along the way.

When someone cancels a session or coaching call because they are tired, they will not hear a spiel from me about excuses or accountability. They will feel supported in trusting their own bodies and intuition and any aid needed in working through it.

This gift of intuition (that we all were innately born with) has allowed me to deliver all kinds of elevator pitches, each one as individualized as the next according to the kind of patient, loving witness those on the elevator needed.


This health and wellness game is still a game. These are still businesses. While this is how I make my living, I make my life out of being of service. I am here to advocate for people and to empower them to advocate for themselves. Fear mongering in the name of health is just as unhealthy as a Bic Mac or Whopper. Are there concerns about what is being done to our food in the United States? ABSOLUTELY. The way out of those things is through advocating for ourselves and others, not being terrified of our next bite of food. This first comes from changing our relationships with ourselves, our bodies, and our food. If you have been to a doctor over any sort of dis-ease, injury, or ailment and you were told as a blanket statement that losing weight would solve your problem then I urge you… no, I plead with you, to get a second opinion. Or come talk to me and I’ll help you find the right resources to get to the root causes and healing.


If you call me and tell me you’d like to hire me to lose 20 pounds before your trip to Hawaii in July, I wholeheartedly validate your feelings and desires behind that but I’m afraid I’d probably refer you to someone else. I know some amazing, kind, compassionate trainers that would love to help you focus on that goal. I spent years of my life helping hundreds if not thousands of people hit those sort of goals.

At this stage in my life and business I want to get down to the root of what those twenty pounds are a byproduct of. You weren’t intentionally saying “I’m going to work really hard to put on this twenty pounds”. The weight came on as a byproduct of something else. I want to help you find that something else, and give you the tools and guidance you’ll use to heal it. Sometimes the weight you need to lose is not on your body.


That means I will not be holding you accountable. When people talk about accountability and accountability groups I work hard not to roll my eyes, mostly because it’s unkind, but primarily because I know it’s well intentioned. That doesn’t make it good or right. The thing is, I do not have the ability to hold someone else accountable. All I can do is make them feel guilty for not meeting some preset requirements or agenda. No, nope, will.not.do.it.

Look at it this way, if guilt and shame were going to fix anything, we’d have probably solved world peace by now. It’s not going to fix anything, in fact, it’s going to take us further and further from optimal health.

You’ll get a patient, loving witness packed with tools and techniques to aid you in moving towards a better, happier, healthier version of you.


This is so much more than food and exercise. Holistic Health is characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. Addressing the whole person, including their physical, mental, and emotional health, while taking social factors into consideration instead of just a number on the scale. This isn’t about working towards a mind-body connection (they’re already connected), this is about putting to use the mind, body, spirit connection.

As I continue along this journey the people I work with, the continued education, and my own life’s curriculum I will share the lessons, the tools, and the techniques that worked (and didn’t work) along the way. If these 5 things sound like something you would like to have in your life, join me on the journey by subscribing to my email list or checking out ways we can work together.

Your patient, loving witness,


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