The Secret hit shelves in 2006 and with help from our favorite, 'favorites' promoter, Oprah it became a sensation. It was most people's first introduction to the laws of attraction. Some believe it's just the power of thinking things into existence and some even are fearful of their own dark thoughts and fears because they believe they may think those things into existence. Others use it as a way to dare the laws of attraction, like saying "oh yea, well, I want a million dollars, prove me to that you work." And others want to believe it's magic, "I want to eat everything I want and not gain any weight, thanks law of attraction." 

I'm no expert on The Universe and I certainly don't get to call the shots or tell you what's right or wrong but I can assure you that like attracts like... and that's what the law of attraction is. 

You won't speak your fears or darkest thoughts into existence because that's not who you are, like attracts like and that's not what you're like. 

You can't dare the law of attraction.. if you're being unkind and disbelieving.. you won't get kind and abundant things back. 

It's not magic, and it certainly isn't asking for things that aren't for the greater good of you or the rest of the universe. 

The law of attraction is about being, if you want to be happy, start being happy and you'll attract more happiness. If you want to make more money, focus on doing your best work, putting out the best product and the money will start chasing you. If you want good friends, focus on being a good friend. 

Like attracts like... what are you like? 

Sweat & Smiles,