In the evenings I'll give the next day's schedule an overview, this week I took a look and saw that I had nothing on my schedule AND a babysitter all day. I went to bed dreaming of all the things I could get done with all. that. time. 

The following morning we (Cannon and I ) leisurely had breakfast and got ready for the day and I headed to drop him off at my moms. With a full day ahead and the only plan of going to evening yoga and spending time with friends I was happy as can be. There I found that my mom had plans of her own and wouldn't be able to keep him in the afternoon. Not discouraged I headed out and received a text that my cousin (who lives out of town) was just a couple blocks over so I decided on a pit stop. 

Again, I found everyone had plans of their own and with an opportunity to spend time with my family I headed back over to pick up Cannon and spent the rest of the day with them. Did I get anything done I had planned to? No. Was it a successful day? Absolutely. 


Life isn't about everything going the way you planned, or even having things go your way. Life isn't about a to-do list, who got the most done, or staying busy. 

Life is about living. And even moreso life is about living a wholehearted life. In The Gifts of Imperfection Dr. Brene Brown describes a wholehearted life as the knowing, the compassion, and the understanding that no matter what you get done or what is left undone each day, you are enough. 

When I laid my head down that night not only did I feel as though I were enough, I felt filled up, recharged, and happy. This allowed me to get even more done the following day without missing a beat! What you do every now and then isn't as important as what you do consistently. I consistently chip away at the things that I want to get done. I consistently work towards my goals. I consistently make sure that the people and things that fill me up remain my number one priority and because of that, everyday is a successful day.

Sweat & Smiles,