I love a good motivational quote. There's a popular motivational quote floating around that says: 'exercise in the morning before your brain figures out what you're doing'; and I have to tell you I think that is a complete load of crap. Having the mind - body connection is so important and will actually increase the enjoyment that can be found during and after working out (yes, I said enjoyment). 

It's also this form of thinking that has lead people to believe that if they struggle waking up early they aren't able or are less likely to workout (which is also a load of crap). If you are already exhausted, waking up earlier is not going to improve your life. So what should you do? It's simple(ish), find what times work for you. 

The reason this concept has the (ish) behind it is that our mindset sometimes gets in the way. We expect that if we say "8AM is going to be the time that works for me", and then it doesn't, that we can't do it. Or if something comes up (as things always will!) we give up and try again tomorrow. In a world where we are acquiring more and more resources, I fear that we are becoming less resourceful. We impose limitations, compare ourselves to others, and rarely take time to dig deep into our own thoughts and think outside of the norm. 

I have clients that utilize their breaks at work to complete their workouts before they even leave to go home. A ten minute circuit on their morning break, a ten minute circuit on their lunch break, and a third on their afternoon break. Their workouts are finished, they have the same effects physically, and they increase productivity throughout their workday! Some clients utilize their lunch break, while others have found that evening, right before bed, ended up being their sweet spot (who doesn't sleep better after a nice shower anyway, right?!). 

The point is this: stop getting stuck on the x, y, and never getting dones and start finding what works best for you. If what you've tried before hasn't worked, try something new. Here are three guidelines to finding the time to workout. 

1. Ideas.

Write down 3-4 ideas for when you could workout. Get creative.

2. Give time, time.

Try each idea for a week or two before making decisions about it.

3. Get it done anyway.

If you planned to do a workout Monday at 8am and didn't get it in don't wait for Tuesday at 8am. See where you can squeeze it in during the rest of the day, you just may find you prefer THAT time better!

You'll also find that certain times used to work for you, but don't anymore. We go through seasons of life and will always have an ebb and flow. For years I started work at 5:15AM, and I would squeeze my workout in on a 30 minute opening between sessions. With a new baby, and a husband that usually worked until 10pm, I found that wasn't going to work for my new season of life. So I came up with ideas, gave it time, and when my plan doesn't go accordingly (which it often doesn't), I get it done anyway.

Sweat & Smiles,